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libKPAPedometer is an Objective -C library for iOS 6 and 7 that makes it easy to track users steps in your software. What libKPAPedometer allows you to do, is to use the built in M7 on devices that support built in step counting, or either GPS/distance based step counting (on devices with GPS) or accelerometer step detection. This way you can support step counting across 9+ potential devices on two iOS versions versus 1 device on one iOS version.

The GPS based step counter prevents cheating, where as the basic accelerometer step counter can obviously be potentially fooled.

Also included are other methods and classes suitable for fitness software. Such as the KPAFitnessUser class; which can calculate BMI, BMR, Stride etc. Moreover, height and weight can be automatically converted for you in and out of any standard measurement. KPAFitnessUser also allows you to calculate the number of calories burned given an amount of steps a user has taken.
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1. libKPAPedometer.a static library
2. Sample app and classes
3. Documentation and Programming Guide
4. Free Updates/Fixes + Changelogs

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Another Note: libKPAPedometer is meant to count steps as accurately as possible (because sensors on devices, especially GPS, are subject to error and can make it seem like movement is happening when its not - and there is only so much you can do. This is especially true of older GPS units and when the GPS is just starting up) - of course it won't get your steps 100% right; but the margin of error is very reasonable and 90% of the work I have done (100s of hours), and continue to do, is trying to get the included (non-M7 step counters) as accurate as possible.

*If you wish to purchase libKPAPedometer as well as hire me to implement the library - a small discount can be used at the purchase of the libKPAPedometer*

Why use libKPAPedometer?

- Allows support for step counting on millions more devices than just supporting deivce's with the M7 chip.
- Many additional Classes/Methods/Functions for use in any fitness software.
- Easy to implement; API is block based, and well commented + documented.
- Fully multithreaded as to not block the main queue.
- Uses little memory (Less than ~2.0 Megabytes on average).
- Comes with Sample code that is a fully funcitonal iOS application.

How to use libKPAPedometer?

- There is a programming guide
- There is sample code
- Contact me for more info

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